Kiln Shelf Advice

Problem Kiln ShelfSince starting in glass fusing a little over a year ago, I have not had the opportunity to be around other glass fusers. Most of what I have learned is from books, and trial and error.  Online bulletin boards like can be a good source of information. But sometimes, you really just need to talk to someone.

Recently I ordered a kiln shelf from D & L Stained Glass. It looked fine when I unpacked it. But when I applied shelf primer there was an obvious problem. On one section, the primer would not absorb into the shelf. It looked like something had splashed on the shelf and was keeping the primer from adhering. When I called D & L, they had little in the way of answers for me.

Fortunately, last weekend, we had a trip planned to the Dallas area. Just north of Dallas is Stained Glass of McKinney. I decided to visit  with the shop owners about my kiln shelf. I am so glad I did. Jacqui and her husband were very helpful. They suggested I remove all primer from the shelf and then fire it in the kiln to 1200 degrees for 20 minutes and see if whatever it was would burn off. I am happy to report that it worked great! If you happen to be in that area, be sure to visit Stained Glass of McKinney. They have a full selection of supplies, and if you are lucky enough to live in that area, they have a great class schedule.

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