Inspiration for Fused Glass Plant Stakes

PlantStakeArtists are often asked where they get their inspiration from and how they come up with designs. For me, there are a variety of ways I come up with ideas. Sometimes the idea is created out of a need I have. That was the case is in this most recent project. A friend of mine is moving and I wanted give her a little something.

I often check out the Bullseye Glass and Spectrum Glass websites for ideas and inspiration. The Spectrum Glass website has a project guide section that provided the inspiration I needed. I came up with an idea for a plant poke or plant stake for my flower loving friend based on two of the projects in the guide. The first one was the Icicles project which was the inspiration for the shape of my plant stake. The second project was the Garden Border Dish which was the inspiration for the flowers.

I am not so sure I’ll be selling these anytime soon on my website. All the little pieces made it a bit time consuming to create these. If I can come up with a more time efficient method of creating the flower designs, then they might be profitable to sell. These could be a good item to sell at the fall show that I do. More experimenting ahead!

2 thoughts on “Inspiration for Fused Glass Plant Stakes

  1. Uncle George says:

    Can you send one of your nice pieces COD? Next time I visit your Dad, I will stop by your store, ok?
    Love,…Uncle George. (This is just a note to be the first one to respond to your email. Say Hi to your Hubby.

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