HoneyDoo Zupper Glue Revisted

Glass CrossAbout a year ago I tried a new glue called HoneyDoo Zupper Glue. Back then I wrote about how much I liked this glue for certain applications. Well now, I am just frustrated with it!

This weekend I had a group come to the studio to make some fused glass crosses. I precut the base for the class and wanted to glue the wire loops down so they wouldn’t have to fuss with this part. On the advice of the people who make HoneyDoo Zupper Glue I stored my opened bottle of glue in the refrigerator. This was supposed to increase the longevity of the glue. I had not used the glue in probably 6 months. Unfortunately the glue was just one dried up glob of glue in the bottle. Perhaps six months was too much time to ask for. Oh well, no worries… I had a spare unopened bottle. I opened it but the glue wouldn’t flow out of the bottle. It was a thick globby mess.  Grrrr!!! This product had so much promise. Unfortunately this glue seems to have a very short shelf life, and once opened it doesn’t last long at all.

Update (4/15/13) – At the Glass Craft and Bead Expo last week I stopped by the Streuter Technologies booth and pitched my idea for small one-time-use tubes of Zupper Glue. They said they would consider it and call it Margot’s Glue. Ha! Somehow I don’t think they took me too seriously.

2 thoughts on “HoneyDoo Zupper Glue Revisted

  1. Tish says:

    AMEN! I just began fusing and was introduced to this product by my mentor. I got 3 bottles of it and had to throw 2 of them away because they blobbed up and that was only after 3 months.

    • Margot says:

      It’s really a shame. Would be a great product if it had some longevity. Maybe they need to sell it in tiny little tubes like some super glues. A small .07 ounce tube that is sealed could be a one time use. Hope you’re listening Streuter.

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