Fused Glass and the Ugly Duckling

As I worked on a new piece this week, I remembered the story of the ugly duckling. Here is why…

I grabbed some frits and paints and made a part sheet. I was going for something in reds. After I fired the part sheet I was really disappointed. The colors didn’t fire and look at all like I thought they would, and it blew a big bubble in the middle. The very next day I made samples of all my frit colors.

ugly duckling (1)

ugly duckling (4)







In an effort to salvage the piece, I cut the bubble away and added some more paint and  frits in coarse red and iridescent clear. After the second firing I thought it looked even worse!

ugly duckling (3)

But I forged ahead anyway. I cut the part sheet into smaller strips and combined them with other glass. I was very pleasantly surprised. It looked great! The ugly duckling was transformed into a swan.

Appetizer Set 2

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