How To Display a Sun Catcher when a Window Won’t Work

During the Covid lock down I was thinking about my octogenarian and nonagenarian aunts who live together in a senior community. Strict protocols were put in place to keep the residents safe,. They were not permitted to go out much or have visitors. I sent them one of my fused glass sun catchers hoping it might be nice for them to know that someone was thinking about them during this time.

A few days after I shipped it, the aunts called to thank me. One aunt said, “It’s lovely but we can’t hang it in the window. I’m giving it to my brother.” At a certain age you just tell it like it is. Apparently, there was something about their windows that would not allow them to hang anything. I realized then that not everyone can hang a sun catcher in a window, and it inspired me to design some standing tabletop pieces that could be displayed on a windowsill or a shelf.

First, I cut and stained some wood. Then I used shelf hardware to mount the glass. I love the result. And best of all, you never have to worry about it falling down and crashing to the ground. Unless, of course, you have a very happy dog with a long tail.

Here are some of the first ones. You can find them in my Etsy shop.

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