Fused Glass Strip Technique

Fused Glass Strip Bowl Technique
Fused Glass Strip Technique

Wow, the last few weeks have been crazy busy around here. Our college graduate got a job. Yay! It was a whirlwind of activity getting him moved and ready for his new job. We are so proud of him. Last week I was busy with our church’s Baby Daze consignment sale. Anyone can drop off their priced baby and children items for sale. Volunteers work the sale. Owners of the items get 60% of the sale price and the church gets 40%. The community gets great deals on all kinds of kids stuff, and anything that doesn’t get picked up goes to local charities. This is a real win-win situation.

All this to say I haven’t done much in the glass studio lately. I did take a class a few weeks ago at Hollander glass here in Houston and worked on the strip technique above. It uses 1/4 strips of glass placed cut side up.  This piece will be slumped into a bowl.

Oh and even though my kids are grown, I found a great buy at the Baby Daze sale. I got a baby monitor for $10 which now sits in my garage studio so I can hear the temperature alarm on my kiln.

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