Fused Glass Snowflake – The Sequel

fused glass snowflake

This year I wanted to create a bigger fused glass snowflake, one that I could hang in a window as a sun catcher. I modified the original snowflake pattern that I had to a slightly different design and made this one approximately 6 inches. Bigger, yet still small enough to fit in my 8″ Eventheat Studio Pro kiln.

I used clear clear glass and some copper paints and put a piece of dichroic glass in the center. After my snowflake came out of the kiln, I decided I didn’t like the clear glass. It just seemed to disappear when I hung it in the window. I also wished I had used a silver paint instead of copper. Unfortunately copper was the only metallic paint I had on hand. I couldn’t do anything about that, but I could do something about the clear glass.

I took the snowflake to the sandblaster and blasted the back which gave it a frosted look. I like this much better. Next time I will use white glass; or even better yet, a white iridescent glass would look really great. Anyone else making snowflakes this season? I would love to see what others are doing.

If you want to make fused glass Christmas Tree Ornaments, take a look at this post: https://www.glassartbymargot.com/tutorials-patterns/how-to-make-fused-glass-christmas-tree-ornaments/

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