Fused Glass Art – How to Embrace Color in Your Space

2020 and 2021 found us all spending a lot of time in our homes. Many of us are sprucing up our home’s interior and adding some color. Maybe you are thinking about painting a wall or buying some new throw pillows. Let me suggest a fused glass art piece.

There’s nothing quite like glass art. Glass art adds color, dimension and plays with light like no other material. Find a piece that speaks to you and it will make your home one of a kind. Whether you choose a statement piece as a centerpiece for your table or a sculptural piece to display close to a window, glass art will elevate your home decor and most likely your mood as well.

Lastly, don’t forget the garden. This is my new favorite place to display glass art. I, along with other glass artists shared our best advice for bringing color and unique glass art pieces into your home. Check out what we had to say so you can start designing your home with glass art today!

Embrace Color in Your Space! Glass Art Ideas to Elevate Your Home

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