Artistic Talents a World Apart

framed fused glass

I recently made this fused glass art piece. The frame is from another artisan, so it is a collaboration of sorts. The other artist, however, is a world away and will never know it. Let me explain.

I sometimes make small floral abstract pieces. I incorporate them in note cards or put them in small frames. When I frame a piece, I usually go to Hobby Lobby or Michaels to purchase a frame. But the other day I was perusing our church’s gift shop, saw this frame, and had an aha moment.

My husband and I worship at the Atascocita campus of The Woodlands Church in Texas. The main campus in The Woodlands has a large gift shop. The one at our campus is small but has some wonderful items in it. The WC Trading Company, as it is called, is a mission driven store. Here is a snippet from the website:

“WC Trading Co exists as an expression of Woodlands Church because we believe every life has purpose. Every single person has God-given gifts and talents. We want to help empower others to break the chains of poverty and help lift them with dignity and hope to reach their God-given purpose.

By purchasing products at a fair wage, WC Trading Co. is able to break poverty cycles and create sustainable change and development. Each item represented in the store is handmade and uniquely characterizes a different person, culture and story. WC Trading Co. has the opportunity to give artisans from remote parts of the world a global voice simply by shopping with purpose!”

So, when I saw this lovely handcrafted frame, I thought this would be a great win-win situation. The frame is made by an artisan from Village Artisan in India. It came with the saying “Love You to the Moon and Back” in the frame. I placed it on the back side of the frame keeping it visible. I used glass powder and frits to create this wildflower scene. This piece can either be hung on a wall or stand up on a surface. See more detail here in my Etsy shop.

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