Divine Intervention In Glass and Life

Things don’t always turn out the way I plan it; in my glass pieces and in life.

Flow Slab UnevenI recently experimented with some pattern bar flow slabs. In one of my experiments the slab did not end up even. One side was higher than the other.  After cutting up the slab on the tile saw I wondered about how I was going to fix this. If you look closely at the picture of the slab, you will see the left side is narrower than the right side. I considered cutting the pieces on the tile saw to even them out, but honestly, I was just too lazy to set up the tile saw again. After playing with the pieces for a while I realized if I flipped them, thick side to thin side, it would work. Not only would it work, but the result was an unexpected pattern that I really liked.

Flow Slab ChippedJust when I thought I had a new plan, the plan changed again. I accidentally chipped one corner. Now I had no choice but to set up the tile saw and cut off a piece from each end. I was disappointed at first, but then I realized the new size was perfect for the small channel mold I had. Things worked out perfectly, despite my plans.

Working with glass, I am often struck by the parallels in my life. I have a plan. God intervenes and my plan blows up. I am disappointed and even mad, only to look back later and see that there was a better plan in the works that I couldn’t even have imagined.

Flow Slab Turquoise

5 thoughts on “Divine Intervention In Glass and Life

  1. Rachel Parkinson says:

    I’ve recently recorded a “Pause for Thought” for broadcast on Radio 2 which looks at human love and the love of God through analogy to glass fusing……you can’t totally control what the glass does; the whole thing requires great patience – open the kiln too soon and you’ll ruin everything; but finally that every disaster is redeemable – not that you can “mend” it but that you can give it a new life through recreation

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