Back in the Studio

Today was my first day back to the studio in almost 5 weeks. That’s a long time to be away from creativity! It’s been a busy hectic time with great things happening. We took a 30th anniversary cruise to the Mediterranean and our daughter graduated from medical school. Lots of celebrating, company in town, and moving our daughter 5 states away to start her Residency, has kept me from the studio.

I was really itching to get back to it. Oddly enough, the glass and I almost felt like strangers. I had a hard time focusing on what I wanted to create, and it took me awhile to feel familiar again with my tools. I decided to keep it simple for my first day back and cut out glass for a tone on tone design. I take no credit for the design. In fact, I got this idea from the Bullseye Glass website. It is a great site with lots of information.

Speaking of cutting… My cleaning towel was a bit threadbare. As I slid the towel down the edge of the glass I managed to slice my finger. It took a while for my brain to register the pain and for me to move the glass away from my finger. I think the conversation in my head went something like this, “Ow! That hurts!” “What hurts?” “Oh that piece of glass I’m sliding along my finger!” “Stop! Stop now!” It really just needed a bit of pressure and a band aid, but since I didn’t have one handy a paper towel and some packing tape took care of it. Thank goodness I didn’t bleed on my tennis shirt, which I still had on because I just couldn’t wait to get into the studio!

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