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Powdered Glass and Stencils – Fused Glass Lessons Learned

Below are before and after photos of some part sheets I made using powdered glass. For two of the sheets I used some keys placed on the glass as a stencil. For the other sheet I used a razor blade to “cut” in the design. I am looking forward to using these in some future […]

Using Glass Powders for Part Sheets

More part sheets in the kiln today. I first experimented with part sheets back in February of this year. You can read about it here: Experimenting with Fused Glass Part Sheet. I used the part sheets to make some great unique pieces. I knew that this was a technique I would definitely be trying again. […]

Experimenting with Fused Glass Part Sheets

Fused Glass Part Sheets

The Bullseye Online Education videos have been a great resource for me. Most recently I watched a video on making part sheets. Part sheets are custom sheets of art glass made by firing powders and frits on a single layer of glass. The video shows various methods of applying frit, powder and stringers. After they […]