Sunday Comics Ruined my Day

Today the Sunday comics page ruined my day.

As I sat there reading and chuckling, I had a startling revelation. Well, actually it was more depressing than startling.

When I was young and dating my husband, I always looked for the comic Love Is… to cut out and give to him. After we were married and had children we would read Family Circus and Baby Blues and say, “Isn’t that the truth.” When our children turned to teens we read Zits and laughed/cried as we wondered if the writer of Zits was lurking in our house somewhere observing our teenage son.

Our children are out on their own now. And being just on the other side of fifty I still consider myself young. But today when the biggest chuckle came as I read Crankshaft I stopped reading and cried, “Oh no! It just can’t be!” The realization that I could relate to Crankshaft really ruined my day.

I think I need to go to the studio and break some glass!

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