Fused Glass Table Top Displays

During the Covid lock down I was thinking about my octogenarian and nonagenarian aunts who live together in a senior community.  To keep the residents safe, strict protocols were put in place. They were not permitted to go out much or have visitors. I sent them one of my sun catchers hoping it might be nice for them to know that someone was thinking about them during this time. The aunts called to thank me and said, “It’s lovely but we can’t hang it in the window. I’m giving it to my brother.” At a certain age you just tell it like it is. Apparently, there was something about the windows that would not allow for hanging anything.

Realizing now that not everyone might be able to hang a sun catcher in a window, I decided to make some standing tabletop pieces that could be displayed in a windowsill or on a shelf. Using some shelf hardware and wood that I cut and stained I made of few different tabletop versions. Here are some of the first ones. You can find them in my Etsy shop.

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