One of My Favorite Things – Silver Sharpie

Silver Sharpie

A silver sharpie is on of my favorite things. Especially when I’m working in stained glass. I use these to trace my pattern templates onto my glass. Unlike regular sharpies, the silver metallic ones stay on better when you take your glass to the grinder. Now if only they made it a click style like some of their other sharpies. You really do have to put the cap on when your not using it so it doesn’t dry out. I am always losing the cap! So if anyone out there is listening, could you please make the silver sharpie in the click style? Please!

2 thoughts on “One of My Favorite Things – Silver Sharpie

  1. Zikolai says:

    They probably won’t because of how much ink is in the sharpies. They tell you to store it with the lid down, and to not flick it around. Did once just out of some strange habit. Lo and behold, metallic splotches and spots everywhere!

    If not in click form, at least include a tab on the lid so people can tuck it on a shirt or pocket to minimalize the possible loss.

    • Margot says:

      They do make other colors in the click style, but I wonder if there is something about the metallic inks that prevents them from making them in click form.

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