How to Cut a Large Sheet of Art Glass

I often buy my art glass in sheets that are 24″ x 48 inches. While this size is the most economical way to buy glass, these large sheets used to intimidate me. When I first started working with glass I struggled with cutting large sheets of glass. When I went to break the glass on the score line, it often went off course.

Depending on the size I am cutting, and the space in my workshop, I sometimes use the technique of lifting the glass a bit and hitting the score line on the edge of the table. But this technique does not work well when trying to cut a large sheet in half. For that I use the technique that my father showed me, I put a yard stick under the glass on one side of the score line and apply pressure to both sides.

Since I have been asked about how I do this, and a video is worth more than a thousand words, I created my first YouTube video. You may notice in the video that when I cut the glass I am standing on a step stool. My table is great for cutting smaller pieces of glass and building projects, but it is a tad too high for me to get the right pressure I need for a large sheet. Hence the step stool.

Here it is. I hope it helps.

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