How I Cut and Break Glass from a Larger Sheet

This is my first attempt at including a video in my blog. In this video I am cutting a full sheet of glass. A full sheet of Spectrum 96 fusible glass is 24 inches by 48 inches. When I am ready to cut the sheet into a smaller size I cut it and snap it on the edge of my table. This is how my father taught me to do it and I find it works better than using running pliers. Too often when I have tried to use running pliers the break will wander off the line.

With a straight edge on the glass I cut the glass then move the score line just off the edge of the table. Holding the glass firmly on either side I lift the glass and firmly hit it down on the table with a bit of a downward motion to snap it. Be sure to wear close toed shoes and keep your feet out from under the glass. Also, to be safe you should wear long pants when you do this. I know I have on shorts. Bad, bad, bad! It make take a bit of practice but once you get the feel, this works great. Normally it breaks with the first snap, but I guess I was a bit nervous since it is my first video 🙂



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