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Wine Social on the Patio at Cedar Landing

Last week my husband and I spent some time with friends at a wine social.  Cedar Landing, a local restaurant, hosts a Wine Social on the Patio the third Thursday of the month. The restaurant has a great patio where you can sit outside and catch the breezes from Lake Houston. Unfortunately, with the crazy […]

There’s Good News… and there’s Bad News

The good news is that the paint stayed on the bottles perfectly. The bad news… well you can see the bad news in the picture. Wine bottles are not weighted evenly. Before placing wine bottles on my kiln shelf, I always place them on a flat surface first. When they stop rolling I make sure […]

Sometimes Even the Instructions Don’t Work

Recycled Wine Bottle Slump

Well phooey on the instructions! I often wonder if the people that make these things actually ever use them. The last attempt to melt a wine bottle directly in the swirl mold was a disaster. It slumped down into the mold until it was very narrow. Not at all the result I wanted. Since then […]

The Science of Making a Recycled Wine Bottle Cheese Board

The first title I considered for this blog post was “The Art of Making a Wine Bottle Cheese Board.” But truth be told, I don’t consider flattening a wine bottle in my kiln “art.” In fact, it is more science than art. More than once I had a flash back to my high school science class. Remember studying the scientific method?