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Done or Complete – Fused Glass Design

When is a fused glass design done? When is it complete? Not until it is completely done. When I design a fused glass plate, sometimes I design it on paper first and then construct it. Other times I start with a piece of glass and start cutting, constructing and designing as I go. Whichever way […]

Fused Glass Strata Plate

This is the result of my “what if” experiment from a while back. I took irregular shaped strips, placed them on edge and fused them together. The result was a piece that reminded me of rock strata. I stared at this piece for a very long time wondering what to do with it. For me, […]

The Process of Making a Fused Glass Piece

I am not sure I have ever done a post showing the fused glass process from beginning to end. The short description is taking pieces of glass and fusing them together to make something wonderful. But here it is way more detailed than that. Here is a look at the process. With a design idea […]

A Long Journey – Fused Glass Plate and Lessons Learned

This piece has had a long journey. It started out as one thing and ended up something completely different. Along the way I had some issues that required reworking the piece and then some more reworking. Rather than call these mistakes, I prefer to think of these pieces as learning opportunities. This piece taught me […]

How Long Did it Take?

From my previous post, you know that I have been experimenting with fused glass pattern bars. The specific technique I used is creating a pattern bar flow slab that is then cut up and used in making a plate. I just finished the plate in this picture. Someone asked me, “How many hours did it […]

Fused Glass Pattern Bar Flow Slab Plate

My first plate using a pattern bar that I created is finally done. It is a long process, but the end result is worth it. This technique results in a unique one of a kind piece that can’t be recreated. If you “Like” my Facebook page (and if you don’t, you should) then you have […]

Experiment with Glass Powder

I just finished this fused glass plate which was an experiment in using glass powders. After watching the Working with Powders video on the Bullseye Glass website I wanted to try this. A painting that I have in my kitchen served as the inspiration for the design. I cut a stencil out of poster board […]

Fused Glass Stacked Plate – Planning to be Random

Fused Glass Stacked Plate

Making a staked glass plate has been on my list of things to try for over a year. Last month I finally got around to it. Rather than layout a  design and color scheme, I decided to be totally random. I have been fusing glass long enough now that I have quite a collection of […]

Fused Glass Design Evolution

slumped fused glass dish bronze

This fused glass bowl is one of those pieces that evolved into the finished design. The original design was from the Bullseye Glass website Tint Tone Plate. This is a great website for technical information on glass fusing and design ideas. I used strips of glass in a bronze cathedral, opal ivory, and clear. Mine […]