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Fused Glass Ripple Bowl

Fused Glass

Most of the fused glass pieces I do are either square or rectangular. I happen to like square and rectangular shapes. Another reason I don’t often work with circles is because working with a circle shape wastes more glass. Circles are a bit trickier to cut too. It’s not particularly hard to cut out a […]

Wine Social on the Patio at Cedar Landing

Last week my husband and I spent some time with friends at a wine social.  Cedar Landing, a local restaurant, hosts a Wine Social on the Patio the third Thursday of the month. The restaurant has a great patio where you can sit outside and catch the breezes from Lake Houston. Unfortunately, with the crazy […]

Recycled Wine Bottle Swirl Dish – Final Results

Recycled Wine Bottle Swirl Dish 1

I’ve been experimenting with a wine bottle swirl mold for a few weeks now. I finally have it the way I want it. Lessons Learned –  Use light colored bottles. The swirl pattern will not show through dark glass. –  Fuse flat first. I got the best results by fusing the bottles flat before slumping […]

Sometimes Even the Instructions Don’t Work

Recycled Wine Bottle Slump

Well phooey on the instructions! I often wonder if the people that make these things actually ever use them. The last attempt to melt a wine bottle directly in the swirl mold was a disaster. It slumped down into the mold until it was very narrow. Not at all the result I wanted. Since then […]