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Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

Stained Glass Beveled Panel

When I came up with the idea of my recycled glass soap dishes, I did a thorough internet search and didn’t see anyone else making them. Eventually I did see them being made by other people. Whether or not they saw mine, I have no idea. It is, after all, possible that two people have […]

Design Inspiration from the Mediterranean

Lest you think I’ve fallen of the face of the earth… I have not. I have been traveling with my wonderful husband celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary. Actually our anniversary was last year, but the timing for a trip didn’t work out last year. We just got back from spending several days in Athens, Greece […]

Inspiration from Monticello

Last week I was in Charlottesville, Virginia with my daughter. We took some time to tour Monticello. I don’t know what Charlottesville looks like the rest of the year, but last week was absolutely beautiful. The weather was perfect. Trees were budding. The tulips were overflowing, and the views from Monticello were breath taking. Even […]