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The Glass Workshop

Glass Studio

Someone recently asked about advice for setting up a glass workshop. My work space was more of an evolution than a thought out plan. In fact, when I first started doing stained glass, my “workshop” was a plywood board on two saw horses in the breezeway between our house and garage. That changed the day […]

Fused Glass Strata Plate

This is the result of my “what if” experiment from a while back. I took irregular shaped strips, placed them on edge and fused them together. The result was a piece that reminded me of rock strata. I stared at this piece for a very long time wondering what to do with it. For me, […]

The Process of Making a Fused Glass Piece

I am not sure I have ever done a post showing the fused glass process from beginning to end. The short description is taking pieces of glass and fusing them together to make something wonderful. But here it is way more detailed than that. Here is a look at the process. With a design idea […]

Lacy Fused Glass Art Bowl

I love to experiment and play “what if” in the kiln. Sometimes, however, there is a technique I want to try that someone else has already perfected and is willing to share. That was the case with this most recent Lacy Glass piece. I purchased the E-book “Waste Not – Fused Projects from Scrap Glass” […]

Fused Glass What If Experiment with Bent Stringer

I recently read a tutorial on manipulating glass stringer on the Bullseye Glass website. I decided to give it a try adding my own spin to it. Instead of trying to keep the stringer bent in a rectangle pattern what if I bent it randomly. I placed the bent stringers on a clear piece of […]