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Done or Complete – Fused Glass Design

When is a fused glass design done? When is it complete? Not until it is completely done. When I design a fused glass plate, sometimes I design it on paper first and then construct it. Other times I start with a piece of glass and start cutting, constructing and designing as I go. Whichever way […]

Divine Intervention In Glass and Life

Things don’t always turn out the way I plan it; in my glass pieces and in life. I recently experimented with some pattern bar flow slabs. In one of my experiments the slab did not end up even. One side was higher than the other.  After cutting up the slab on the tile saw I […]

The Process of Making a Fused Glass Piece

I am not sure I have ever done a post showing the fused glass process from beginning to end. The short description is taking pieces of glass and fusing them together to make something wonderful. But here it is way more detailed than that. Here is a look at the process. With a design idea […]

Stained Glass Transom Times Four

Stained Glass Pattern Setup

Just about every custom stained glass project I do has its own unique requirements. At the moment I am working on four stained glass panels. The panels will be installed into existing transoms that are above four windows in a bedroom. These panels will be a timeless design with a center bevel, glue chip background, […]

Custom Stained Glass Panel – New Mexico Sunset

Here is the custom stained glass panel I installed this week. The design inspiration came from the client’s love of the colors found in New Mexico and a sunset picture which they showed me. This piece was really all about the color. It is a little hard to see in the photograph, but the colors […]

Why I Should Have Paid Attention in Math Class

There is really only one part of the process of making a stained glass window that I really dislike. I think most stained glass artists would tell you they dislike the puttying part of the job. And while it’s definitely not the most fun, I turn on my music and just get on with it. […]

Tooth Fairy Plate Color Magic

children tooth fairy plate

Today I was photographing a new fused glass tooth fairy plate that I made for my Etsy shop. This proved to be frustrating. I could not get a true color in the photograph. The border of the plate is a very pale pink with a hint of purple. I’d call it a pink blush color. […]

Design Inspiration from the Mediterranean

Lest you think I’ve fallen of the face of the earth… I have not. I have been traveling with my wonderful husband celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary. Actually our anniversary was last year, but the timing for a trip didn’t work out last year. We just got back from spending several days in Athens, Greece […]

Review of WordPress Headway Theme

Have you noticed? I changed the look of my blog using a premium WordPress theme called Headway. Premium is a nice way of saying you have to pay for it. I thought I would share my unbiased experience and review with you. First a little background is in order. I started blogging almost a year […]