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In Glass Fusing & Life – Sometimes Answers Are Simpler Than I Think

I have mentioned before how I sometimes find parallels in my glass fusing with life lessons. I recently had another one of these revelations. I often need strips of fiber paper when I am damming a glass piece in the kiln. In the past I have used a ruler to mark and cut the strips. […]

Scrap Glass Ruffle Bowl

One of the things I love about glass fusing is that even left over pieces from other project can be turned into something wonderful like this piece. I made this with bits of blue, purple and clear glass. I used glass nippers to cut the glass in rough triangle shapes. The pieces were layered in […]

Done or Complete – Fused Glass Design

When is a fused glass design done? When is it complete? Not until it is completely done. When I design a fused glass plate, sometimes I design it on paper first and then construct it. Other times I start with a piece of glass and start cutting, constructing and designing as I go. Whichever way […]

Fused Glass Workshop Tip – Press’n Seal

I use Glassline paints in my fused glass work. Sometimes I can go for weeks or even months without using them. To help keep my paints fresh longer I use a small piece of Press’n Seal. Unscrew the tip and place it over the opening then screw the top back on and tightly wrap the […]