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Custom Stained Glass Cabinet Panels – Installation Day

Stained Glass Custom Cabinett Doors

They say the more you do something the easier and less scary it gets. Well I have to say that every time I do a custom stained glass installation, there is always a little bit of apprehension on installation day. Usually they go pretty smoothly, but I did have one installation that required me to…

Stained Glass Transom Times Four

Stained Glass Pattern Setup

Just about every custom stained glass project I do has its own unique requirements. At the moment I am working on four stained glass panels. The panels will be installed into existing transoms that are above four windows in a bedroom. These panels will be a timeless design with a center bevel, glue chip background,…

Custom Stained Glass Panel – New Mexico Sunset

New Mexico Sunset

Here is the custom stained glass panel I installed this week. The design inspiration came from the client’s love of the colors found in New Mexico and a sunset picture which they showed me. This piece was really all about the color. It is a little hard to see in the photograph, but the colors…

Stained Glass Window Design Process


  I used to be afraid of the design phase of a commissioned stained glass project. But now it is one of my favorite parts. I spend way more time on it than I should, but it is because I get totally lost in the design process. I have tons of books that I use…

Why I Should Have Paid Attention in Math Class

tape measure

There is really only one part of the process of making a stained glass window that I really dislike. I think most stained glass artists would tell you they dislike the puttying part of the job. And while it’s definitely not the most fun, I turn on my music and just get on with it….

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