About Me
I've been around glass my whole life. Both my father and grandfather were stained glass artisans. In 2002 I started working with stained glass. In 2009 I started glass fusing. My blog is mostly about my journey in glass, with a sprinkling of other things thrown in.

Decorative Soldering Application


After practicing and experimenting with decorative soldering last week, I created this sun catcher to apply some of the new techniques. I used a stipple application on the back of the piece. On the front I used my soldering iron on a low setting to create a unique look. To me, it almost makes the…

Custom Stained Glass Cabinet Panels – Installation Day

Stained Glass Custom Cabinett Doors

They say the more you do something the easier and less scary it gets. Well I have to say that every time I do a custom stained glass installation, there is always a little bit of apprehension on installation day. Usually they go pretty smoothly, but I did have one installation that required me to…

Exploring Decorative Soldering Techniques

Decorative Solder

I have been making stained glass pieces for almost 12 years now. In all that time, I have never done any decorative soldering; partly because I do mostly lead came construction, not copper foil, and partly because it didn’t appeal to me. That may be because I have seen too many stained glass pieces where…

How Sheet Glass is Made

Ever wonder how sheet glass is made. Here is a good video from Bullseye Glass. I would love to see this in person some day.

Google Search Changes – What the Heck?!

I have been a huge fan of Google from its very first days. But today I am really aggravated. A search tool that was very powerful is now not. One of the most useful things about the Google search bar was a “More” pull down menu. From that menu you could filter search results by…

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